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Monday 01/18/2021 19:10:07 UTC
Thank you for visiting my site. Here you can leave your comments.
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16 hfgh
Location: gdfg

Tuesday 06/18/2013 01:49:44 UTC


15 Richard
Location: USA

Wednesday 05/22/2013 03:13:34 UTC
Nice guest friend... thanks...
14 Fitflops Sale

Thursday 03/21/2013 00:54:02 UTC
Very nice and helpful post, thank you.
13 Liz
Location: East Midlands, UK

Thursday 04/12/2012 12:42:20 UTC
Hi Tricia and Robin :)

There I was reading about Bread Angels and I happened upon the article about Tricia making crackers. I looked further... My wanderlust is now greatly inflamed after all these brilliant images - it's a long-held dream of mine to work and travel in Africa. But how, who? Liz x ;;)
12 Patrick & Dietmar
Location: London & Nevis

Friday 06/11/2010 17:40:13 UTC
It was great to have you to stay in our Granny flat, which is currently home to two more nomads, this time from Sri Lanka!

Thanks for postcard #9. :-D
11 John Spence
Location: UK

Monday 06/15/2009 11:47:22 UTC
Hi Tricia,

Richard Smith just forwarded your post cards to date. I am very envious.

I used to drive all over Southern Africa when I worked for safari Drive with my roof tent on top of the Land Rover. One of the finest ways to see Africa. Yiour tales of Botswana and Namibian campsites bring back evocative memories.

Mortgage, business and children have clipped my wings for the moment. I hope to follow in your footsteps some time soon.

Good luck and have fun

10 André and Margot Paulsen
Location: Gordons Bay, South Africa
IP:<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; []

Thursday 06/04/2009 19:31:19 UTC
Dear Tricia & Robin

Was great meeting you on the houseboat on the Chobe River. Hope you are having a wonderful time and that things work out for you.

We went fishing on our last day, but did not catch any tigerfish. Margot had one, but it got away. We stayed a bit late after sunset and missed a hippo by a fraction of a second on our way back to the houseboat as we went over it with the little boat before it came out of the water. Did not sound too happy and our hearts gave a few jumps!

Please do contact us when you are in the Cape. Would love to see you.


André & Margot
9 Amanda
Location: london

Wednesday 06/03/2009 00:26:42 UTC
Hi T & R

Great to hear you are having such a fantastic time.

Robin what came of the fish???

Are you sure you are coming back?

Looking forward to the next post card

The boys send their love.

Love Amanda 6(^)6
8 Miranda & Mark
Location: London

Tuesday 06/02/2009 11:15:19 UTC

You sound like a couple of teenagers - having far too much fun!!

Not sure I want to hear any more!

Glad you are having a ball.

M x
7 Charles Barber
Location: South Africa

Monday 06/01/2009 09:00:06 UTC
Hey guys,

It all sounds and looks so fantastic. Hopefully one day I can also explore the African continent like you guys are.

All the best.

6 Dan The Man
Location: Male

Monday 06/01/2009 08:44:04 UTC
Dear Tricia and Robin.... Its amazing what you two are upto travelling all over the place and all those fantastic Animals. . my biggest adventure was coming to Sonevafushi to visit you.... take care and enjoy the trip.. Love and Greetings from Rainy maldives... Dan
5 olli
Location: bologna

Thursday 05/14/2009 20:56:04 UTC
Hi there! great photos and great lifestyle!!!

hope you keep updating the postcards...

love olli 6(^)6
4 Amanda
Location: London

Monday 05/04/2009 22:00:10 UTC
Hi there intrepid travellers.

Hope you are both well and that everything is going according to plan.

Great to see your pictures and hear your news, you've certainly gone full steam ahead, I should imagine you've done a few more miles by now.

I've been onto google to see where you are and can see you've covered a few miles no doubt is due to Robin's expert driving and Tricia's expert cooking (didn't think you would compromise on that front)

London has seen some sun for a change and we hear that we are due for a good summer !we'll see!

Can't wait to get your next installment.

Take care.


3 Ken & Viv Sutton
Location: Green and grassy Cheshire

Monday 04/27/2009 20:51:27 UTC
Hi you two

You seem to be having much fun. Well done for getting out there and going for it.

Particularly like the red sanddunes. They look very dramatic.

Just got back from seeing Lisa in Long Beach. Went to Palm Springs where she was playing a tournament. That's the first time we've seen anything like the desert. Very dramatic. Wierd brown hills everywhere. But isn't PS gay. It was about 50 / 50 in the hotels and restaurants. Half couples, half guys. Haven't seen that before but it is a long time since I visited Brighton.

Have fun you two. Keep safe. Don't let the cheetah's bite.

Love Ken and Viv XXXX =P~
2 John Philipson
Location: Maldives

Friday 04/24/2009 02:10:46 UTC
Dear Robin and Tricia

Looks like progress is being made and the journey has truly begun.

Like the photos. Very arty. I want to see the pictures when you having just seen the locust on the matress in the van. No horror shots of you and Robin yet but looks like fun.

Find us a nice propoerty or location whilst your out there.

Keep safe.

1 Delia
Location: Johannesburg
IP:<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; []

Sunday 04/12/2009 16:56:47 UTC
Hi to the adventurers. I hope you are having a great time and plans are going well. Wishing you a Happy Easter and missing you in my little Butterfly Cottage.

All the best